M.S.Word very slow to open

  Glen 19:46 03 Jan 2006

I am running Win 98SE and use AVG Free and Zone Alarm. Booting up takes about 3 min 30 sec or more. Is this normal?
More important is the time taken to open my W.P. programs. MS Works takes about 15 seconds, which seems normal to me. However opening 'Word 2000' takes much longer, especially initially after booting up. The "Word" title page is shown for quite long time, and is followed by a grey screen for even longer. During the 'Grey Screen' time, just above the 'Start' button the words "Requesting Virus scan" can be seen. (It doesn’t happen with MS works W.P.). This wastes a lot of time. It still happens when AVG and Zone Alarm are disabled. After first booting up, it takes 50 seconds to open a Word document. If I continue closing and opening the program the time goes down to 18 seconds, at best.
I have already used “msconfig” and reduced the number if items at start-up to the minimum. I also have Norton A.V. 2005 on board, but disabled. It doesn't work properly and I know it will be very difficult to un-install. It cost me £35 and I don't have the installation disk! Many of the files in the start-up list are Symantec shared files, which if disabled will stop W.P programs from working. Only two such entries remain enabled now. What can I do to speed up the opening of M.S. Word? Should I try to use the Packard Bell Master CDs to try to re-instal Word?

  VoG II 19:50 03 Jan 2006

Do a search for the file normal.dot and rename it to normal.old and try starting Word.

If it doesn't have an effect, rename it back again.

  highside 18:47 16 May 2006

I wish to try the rename normal.dot/old suggestion. My search finds 3 normal.dot files, do I rename them all to .old ?
1) is normal.dot 352KB ms Word Template
2) is the same but 1KB with a shortcut symbol
3) is ~#normal.dot
all are in c:/docs & settings.

Thanks and sorry if this an old subject but I have just found it on the site.

  VoG II 03:01 17 May 2006

1) is the one to rename.

  mole44 08:10 17 May 2006

when you put in the master disc you may get the option to repair word.if not then just reinstall it,sometimed files get corrupted for no good reason.

  beynac 08:43 17 May 2006

I suggest that you uninstall Norton AntiVirus 2005. Follow the instructions her: click here#

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