kimtrnc 14:04 09 Oct 2008

since 2 days ago, my system constantly tellms that there is a problem with the above program. I have "restored" a couple of times, and it is more or less ok ( some programs run, although threatening not to, some won't run at all) until restart, when it pops up again. I run virus protection and scan every day, but this is now nbecoming very irritating.

  Rahere 14:32 09 Oct 2008

Is there an error message?

What version of Windows are you using

  tullie 14:47 09 Oct 2008

MCVCR71 is part of the microsoft runtime library and not a programme in itself,or so i understand.

  kimtrnc 14:55 09 Oct 2008

Rahere - the error message says " this programme cannot start because MSCR71.dll is not found". this happens no matter what program I am trying to run. sometimes, after the original message, the program DOES in fact run, but others do not.
Operating system is win XP hHome, SP3

  Halmer 14:58 09 Oct 2008
  Rahere 15:06 09 Oct 2008

You have replaced the file a couple of times I think but did you re register the file too?

To register the dll file.
start>run>type the following

regsvr32 "C:\Windows\System32\msvcr71.dll"

you should get a confirmation message if successful

if you haven't replaced it already you may have to rename the old file, paste a fresh copy of the file in the same folder then register it again.

  kimtrnc 15:36 09 Oct 2008

Rahere - thanks I will do that....

Halmer - looks promising

  Rahere 15:44 09 Oct 2008

You got me Halmer! My sugestion was based on this too!!

Good luck Kimtrnc

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