CDL 13:27 02 Jul 2005

"Windows is unable to find the following file : mssvcnes.exe .........."

Any idea what it is,where I can download another from ?


  Nellie2 15:29 02 Jul 2005

mssvcnes.exe isn't a windows file... in fact I can't find much on it at all.

Have you recovered from a recent infection? If yes then it is most likely a start up entry that is looking to run that file. I don't think you will want to re-install it.

Go to start>run and type msconfig then hit OK

click on the startup tab in the window that pops up and check the list and untick mssvcnes.exe if it is there.

  CDL 16:47 02 Jul 2005

Thanks for that Nellie2

OK ! No not had an infection. Not in start up. Everything else seems fine so I'll just keep 'OK ing' the info box until it goes away !

  woodchip 16:54 02 Jul 2005

Go to Run type regedit, go to menu under Edit you will see Find type MSSVCNES.EXE in box press enter, delete the entry with the file in press F3 to go to next entry in Regedit delete until you get to end of registry

  CDL 19:47 02 Jul 2005

Thanks woodchip !

Did that - found 3 entries. Why does Windows say the file cant be found,what is it and is it safe to delete the entries if Windows is looking for the same named file ?


  VoG II 19:50 02 Jul 2005

It is one or more of the registry entries that are causing Windows to look for the file - which clearly does not exist (anymore).

If you delete the registry entries the error message should go away.

  CDL 19:53 02 Jul 2005

Thanks VoG

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