MSPublisher 2k photo printing

  sparky47 20:58 13 Apr 2004

My wife writes a newsletter in which we are trying to include photos of a recent club dance.
The problem is they are either all tinged blue or green. The printer is a Lexmark X83. I have tried various property settings hence the different shades but no true colours. Can anyone help?

  ade.h 21:56 13 Apr 2004

I had an old Epson that tinged all colour printouts purple; it was because the yellow ink wasn't getting through and a new print head and fresh cartridges cured it.

  sparky47 16:03 14 Apr 2004

Thanks for that ade.h. Unfortunately both cartidges are new although they are re-cycled ones

  siouxah1 19:14 14 Apr 2004

Only thing I can suggest is to print a test print from maintenance.

If it still prints badly then I would suggest that the cartridges were suspect. Even though they are fresh. Have you tried lots of head cleaning?

Regards Brian j

  ade.h 21:12 14 Apr 2004

In my case, the carts were nearly new too, but they had to be replaced when the printhead was replaced. Printhead lifespan will vary from brand to brand, of course, but my Epson was three years old when the problem arose.

  sparky47 02:15 15 Apr 2004

Thanks for the new input but I routinely print a test page both from Windows and from the printer control program and the printer is only 18mths old.
A friend mentioned that he'd heard of printer manufacturers chipping their cartidges to prevent recycling/refilling. Could this be the cause?

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