MSPaint gone missing in Windows Me

  canute44 22:21 01 Feb 2004

Paint has gone missing from my PC. I cannot locate it at all and I certainly never uninstalled it! I found a thread in this Helproom forum in August concerning a very similar case but following the recommended steps I find that nothing happens - no install. I am presuming therefore that the program actually does exist somewhere on the PC but even getting Windows Explorer to show hidden files nothing appears in the way of Paint files. Any ideas? I discovered that it was missing by unsuccessfully clicking on a shortcut placed on my desktop by my daughter. There is no sign of uninstalling when I look in System Restore. No rush for an answer as it is late and I shall be retiring shortly. Many thanks.

  Pesala 22:23 01 Feb 2004

Windows Setup, Accessories.

  VoG II 22:23 01 Feb 2004

Try Add/Remove Windows Components in Add&Remove Programs in Control Panel.

  canute44 22:28 01 Feb 2004

I have tried Windows Setup in Remove/install but nothing happens that is why I thought that somewhere the program must be on the PC.

  canute44 22:39 01 Feb 2004

Adding to my last posting, there is a tick against Paint when I look up the details of Accessories under Add/Remove Windows Setup. This surely means that Paint is already installed. Proceding with the install has no effect.

  VoG II 22:40 01 Feb 2004

It is called MSPAINT.EXE and should be in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32

  leo49 22:42 01 Feb 2004

I can't remember where it lives in ME either.... :o)

  canute44 22:46 01 Feb 2004

Nope! Not in Windows\SYSTEM32. It did not come up with a search for paint or mspaint or similar either. Sorry!

  leo49 22:46 01 Feb 2004

Just checked on my other PC - In ME it lives in C\Program Files\Accessories.

  canute44 22:50 01 Feb 2004

Just looked in C\Program Files\Accessories not there either!

  leo49 22:55 01 Feb 2004

Then try unticking/uninstalling via Add Remove then reinstalling. C\Program Files\Accessories is where it SHOULD be installed.

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