M/soft word saving documents without specifying file

  Ikarus 19:40 04 May 2015

Not sure if this is the right forum. Very simply, where does M/soft Word 2010 save a newly typed document if you hit the save button without specifying a folder for it to go to? I have lost a document and searching Documents, Libraries, Names in the document and other features provides no results. I have a printed copy of the original document and now want to make some amendments.

Suggestions and thoughts for finding it please!

  BRYNIT 19:53 04 May 2015

MS Word cannot save a new document without having a file name. If and when you saved the document it would have used the first line or part of it as a file name unless you changed it.

  lotvic 20:10 04 May 2015

You should be able to open the document if you open Word and click on Globe at top left and look in the Recent Documents list. (that's for Word2007 I should think Word2010 is same) Then you can save it or a copy of it to a folder you can find :)

  compumac 20:12 04 May 2015

Check settings within Word for default folder for saved files.

  wee eddie 20:26 04 May 2015

Tabs at the Top > File > Recent

  lotvic 20:31 04 May 2015

Also just remembered, in Windows 7 on the desktop, you can click on globe start at bottom left and in righthand side column hover cursor on 'Recent Items' then rightclick on the filename and choose 'Open File Location'

  bumpkin 21:40 04 May 2015

Give it a name and your chosen destination (My Docs for example) and you should be able to find it easily.

  hastelloy 08:18 05 May 2015

Open Microsoft Word and, on a blank document, click on Save as. When the box opens look at the address bar. This is where is it saving by default.

If you know the file name you could do a search to find it.

  Ikarus 11:25 08 May 2015

Thanks for all the replies. Still no joy with finding the document. However, it appears that the default location for saving is Libraries/Documents.Can only assume that having typed it in the first place and printed it the document was not saved despite the usual reminder to save. lesson learned!!

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