msnp32.dll problem

  User-E70658AE-BDD7-4DD5-AE5EE3B7769D7D2C 08:19 09 Sep 2006

I am running Win 98 and tried to load an application for a broadband dialer - the system threw a wobbly and failed to load the dialer application correctly. since then although I can get into Windows ok - I have lost networking capability & get prompts for missing msnp32.dll plus as few others such as redir??
How can I resolve this - simple language please I am no expert.

Many thanks

  Eastender 08:32 09 Sep 2006

Have a look at this click here.

What is a "broadband dialer"

  Eastender 08:37 09 Sep 2006

OK I've read up on broadband dialer, never knew there was such an animal.

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