MSN & Yahoo messenger conflict?

  boringstoke 18:43 06 Apr 2006

Do they cause a conflict or can they work on the same laptop. I can adjust the microphone & speakers ok on MSN. In Yahoo I can adjust/set the microphone but I can't hear any sound. When I try to use Yahoo I can be heard but can't hear anything.

  Jackcoms 19:11 06 Apr 2006

Why do you need 2 different Messenger programs?

  Spex 19:27 06 Apr 2006

that shouldnt be the question, alot of people have 2 or even 3 messengers on there PC/Laptop.

to behonest i had both yahoo and msn, msn turned out to be more reliable, i had the same problems with yahoo's sound/webcam.

i never knew the reason to this day, im with MSN now, you could try click here

its an all in one messenger.

  johnnyrocker 19:45 06 Apr 2006

funny enough my probs were the opposite, a colleague's yahoo webcam constantly froze so the work around was msn messenger for video and yahoo for sound, works a treat


  Jackcoms 20:18 06 Apr 2006

"that shouldnt be the question"


In attempting to provide help to boringstoke I think that I'm entitled to ask any (relevant) question that I see fit.

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