msn webcam problem

  imzy 19:55 03 Jun 2008

Hi there.

I got a webcam so I can talk to relatives abroad through msn but I can't seem to get it to work.

When I switch on the webcam it starts up in it's own window but when I start msn it is just a blank screen. I have gone into Tools - webcam settings but that is also just a blank screen and when I try to start a wabcam conversation with someone it does say connection established but the other person only sees a blank screen.

Does the webcam have to be associated with msn somehow or am I doing something else wrong?

Any help greatly appreciated.


  MAT ALAN 19:58 03 Jun 2008

click here

follow thread it may help...

  imzy 20:03 03 Jun 2008

Now that you mention it, I am using Windows Live Messenger, not msn messenger. Does that make a difference?

  imzy 20:05 03 Jun 2008

I tried closing the program that starts when I turn on the webcam and just turn on messenger but it still dousn't start.

  imzy 20:10 03 Jun 2008

Yes, the picture is perfectly fine in the window that opens up automatically when I turn on the webcam.

  imzy 20:21 03 Jun 2008

No. Just a window with a black screen and settings to "restore defaults" and "advanced". Also, whin I turn on the webcam the automatic window starts up showing the picture and the light on the webcam is on. When I close the window the light on ythe webcam turns off. I don't know if this is significant.

  imzy 21:08 03 Jun 2008

Hi again.

I have got the picture working now. It just wasn't configured properly in the "audio and video setup" option. The problem now is that I can hear someone elses voice but they can't hear mine. My webcam has a microphone biult into the webcam. In the microphone setup screen I am talking into my webcam and the volume bar goes up and down when I talk so it must me recieving my voice but still the other person can't hear me.

  imzy 22:15 03 Jun 2008

Hi Marg7. Thank alot for all your help. I think you are right about the mute button being ticked in the microphone settings. I have unchecked that box and hopefully it should work now but everybody has gone to sleep so I have nobody to try it out on!!!!! Will try again tommorrow night and will let you know how I get on.

Thank again

  imzy 20:38 06 Jun 2008

Sorry I took so long to get back. Work work work, you know!!

Anyway, thanks again Marg7 for the advice. I changed the settings for the webcam through the Control Panel and it is working great. Seeing relatives abroad through the webcam is amazing.

Thanks again for all your help.

  imzy 16:26 07 Jun 2008

Sorry to bother you guys again but I have encountered another problem.

I am trying to make a video call to my relatives in Pakistan. I have Windows Live Messenger on Vista and they have Yahoo Messenger on XP and when I click on their name it doesn't give me the option to start a video call although I can type messages to them with no problems.

Do we both have to have the same messenger service to have webcam comversations or is it something else.

Once again, any help appreciated.

  Technotiger 19:07 07 Jun 2008

You do both need the same program, each with the latest updates, so that you are both on the same version.

A better program by far, is click here if you both install that you will have more options still. It is free.

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