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  Rhuddlan 23:09 17 Jan 2005

Hi everyone, a few questions about msn here, mostly about msn messenger, but first msn explorer. Myself and my cousin are the only two users on the msn explorer welcome screen and when my sister went to add her hotmail account, it wouldn't let her, she has a account and it says that her e mail address isn't vaild or something along those lines, surely she can be added as a user of msn explorer???

Onto MSN Messenger and I have msn messenger 7.0 and msn messenger 7.0 plus, have choose the option of saving all messages in a hidden folder, also my chat logs folder is set to put itself in this hidden messages folder, but everytime someone has a conversation on msn messenger on my computer, these chat logs appear in my documents, why oh why does this keep happening???

And finally, I have got a new webcam today, a Labtech one which installed fine and the vision is perfect, but I can't use audio via msn messenger, when I press the audio button and wait about 10 seconds, a message appears saying that the audio conversation has ended, no one ended it, as it didn't even begin!!! So can anyone help me on that one???

I have windows xp home sp2 by the way and as I said msn messenger 7.0 beta with msn messenger 7.0 beta plus.

Thanks for any help in advance, Rhuddlan.

  Technotiger 23:30 17 Jan 2005

Hi, the only bit of your question I know anything about is - Audio - I used to use msn messenger a lot with a mate in Zanzibar, we both had WinME and all worked ok. We both then changed to XP since when, no more audio in msn - we have both tried everything we know, still no audio. I have seen many others on this Forum with the same problem. My mate and I gave up in the end - just texts now in msn.


  BigMan24 23:32 17 Jan 2005

I don't know if this is any help, but it maybe u could use msn for the video part and skype for the audio.

I've not tried it but I will be using it sometime soon I think!

Get it from click here

  johnnyrocker 23:35 17 Jan 2005

best bet for all of you is yahoo messenger works a treat with very few outages trust me .


  Technotiger 23:36 17 Jan 2005

The suggestion by BigMan24 is I believe a sound one (no pun intended:-) .I am waiting for my mate in Zanzi to let me know when he has installed Skype ( I have already done so on my pc). Don't know yet if it will work though - but have seen it
mentioned by others within the Forum.


  Technotiger 23:37 17 Jan 2005

Yeah, I had forgotten that - that is another one I will be trying with my mate.

  johnnyrocker 00:04 18 Jan 2005

works an absolute treat almost every time apart from the odd (very rare outage)


  Rhuddlan 10:21 19 Jan 2005

any more ideas then?

  Rhuddlan 00:16 24 Jan 2005

Now, MSN Explorer doesn't let me know when I have new e mails, it used to give me a little sound and message in the takbar, as well as the number of new messsages in a circle on the msn browser toolbar. Any ideas?

  Rhuddlan 17:08 25 Jan 2005

Can anyone help me with the abvove querie?

  UncleBulgaria 21:34 25 Jan 2005

Have to agree with BigMan24 and highly recommend Skype. Excellent audio as well as text chat plus conferencing. All works a treat. Good Luck

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