MSN and OE

  Madrat 20:24 27 Nov 2006

Can some one please tell me why messanger keeps loging in everytime I open up IE?

It only dose it if I have to PC on for over 5 mins and dont open up OE in that time. The worst thing about it is that I cant tell I'm loged in till some one tryes to chat. It is also mesanger 5 that is opening event though I use 7.5

  birdface 21:20 27 Nov 2006

Probably you still have the old Version of windows messenger,Start all programs, Look for windows messenger, Open it ,and set it the same way as you have done with MSN Messenger.

  Madrat 21:25 27 Nov 2006

tried that all settings are as they should be but it still dose it.

  birdface 22:45 27 Nov 2006

Sorry I dont have windows messenger 5 Any more so cant help, I know you turn it of in there somewhere, You can always up-grade W/ Mess5 To Win/ Mess 8 ,Then stop it from opening on there,Just the same controls as MSN Messenger.And you dont lose your contacts.

  skidzy 23:06 27 Nov 2006

are we talking Windows Messenger ?

If so,Open W-Messenger and select tools /options /preferences/ untick all 3 boxes under general.

  Ashrich 23:11 27 Nov 2006

Outlook Express /Tools / General / untick " Automatically log on to Windows Messenger "


  Madrat 23:50 27 Nov 2006

Yes its windows messanger and its all unticked but it still dose it unless I open OE within the first 5 mins of starting up the PC.

  terryf 01:30 28 Nov 2006

If you don't use windows messenger go to control panel>add remove and click on add/remove windows components, scroll down to windows messenger and untick the box

  anskyber 10:16 28 Nov 2006
  Madrat 13:49 28 Nov 2006

Terryf I do use windows mwssenger but 7.5 no 5.0

Anskyber. What part am I supost to be looking at?

  VoG II 13:51 28 Nov 2006

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