MSN Music UK problem

  Jonah(without the whale) 16:34 03 Nov 2007

Hi folks.
I decided to download some music from MSN Music UK - the range they carry is enormous and very attractive to me. At first I could not access the site to register - the screen kept blanking and cliking when I hit the sign in/register button.
Microsoft responded with the instruction to switch on the Navigate sub-frames across different domains settings in the option/security section. which I did. All was well and I registered and downloaded an album. Then I turned off my machine.
Today I come to check out the web site and when I click or attempt to go froma bookmark to this link the screen feezes. there is little else to do but Ctrl/Alt/delete, which eventually stops the program, but after a wait, suddenly multiple nstances on Internet explorer are started. It gets to about 52 of them, and the group of these has to be closed.
I want to download music. MSN has sme money in credits of mine, and there mjst be something wrong. I have asked M'soft again, but meantime, has anyone had a similar problem, and better still, solved it?
here's the link: click here

  stevo28 17:05 03 Nov 2007


I would try the following: delete the bookmark,also delete internet explorer history, temporary internet files,cookies and restore defaults in ie explorer,then restart your pc.

Go to msn music store via windows media player 11, the link is at the top right of the player.I believe msn music uses a new mediabar plugin so this may appear automatically for you to download and install.

If you already have the above, check that msn media bar is ticked under tools, plugins, in windows media player. Also might be worth running a virus scan. Hope this helps.

  Jonah(without the whale) 19:18 04 Nov 2007


Thanks for your reply. Ihave done most of these things, except checking the msn media bar is ticked - I'll do that as soon as I can an report back.
I did get XP to send error details and checked the report from that and usually understood the response, which is to the effect that I need to disable all add-ons because one of them may be the cause. So now I have two routes to a solution. I have to identify add-ons, which might be a problem!
I am working away from home for a week, so time is tight until next weekend, when I'll give it a go. Thanks again.

  Jonah(without the whale) 19:56 04 Nov 2007

You know the problem - got an idea so you have to try it, so I did what you suggested, but I'm afraid the problem did not go away.
If you have any other ideas, then please don't hesitate to send them my way!

  Jonah(without the whale) 19:35 11 Nov 2007

I got there in the end.
No matter what I did I had a problem - the screen locked. So I mailed the contact at M-soft and it was stated that there is an incompatibilty problem with MSN music and the BT Yahoo browser I was using.
Annoyingly, I had updated (at the suggestion of BT) the browser, thinking that it may have solved the issue, but what it had done was overwrite the IE browser from M-soft that I had in place.
M-soft suggested I loaded IE7, which I did, and everything works extremely well now, so the story is over.
I have experienced this before, where a ISP provides a browser/explorer and as well as stamping its name all over the place, hi-jacks the m-soft version. But, my lesson is learned - get the latest from M-soft. IE7 does appear to be very good. I now have BT YAhoo browser and IE7 loaded and can choose between the two.
Thanks for your help folks. I hope what I have said here is at least interesting.

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