MSN Messenger and Video - Firewall?

  fitshase 07:13 28 Jun 2004

I have MSN Messenger and have just bought a webcam so I can have video chats with family and friends across the country.

Problem is, I can see them but they can't see me. Additionally, they are saying that the video is VERY slow and jerky.

I have BT Broadband with a hardware firewall. I think that it is a firewall issue but don't know which port to open.

On MSN Messenger help, it advises you to ask your network administrator. As it is a home connection and firewall, I am the network administrator! Further digging in the help files tell you to set your proxy server to open port 1863 for outgoing TCP connections.

As the other person can see me on video then I am assuming that the outgoing connection is fine - it is the incoming connection which is the problem.

Does anyone know which ports to open to allow the video calls on MSN Messenger?

Thanks in advance



  fitshase 07:14 28 Jun 2004

Sorry - second line should NOT read "I can see them but they can't see me" but it should read "they can see me but I can't see them"!!!


  User-312386 07:44 28 Jun 2004

can you not turn your firewall off to see if that is the problem?

  fitshase 12:28 28 Jun 2004

I cannot turn the firewall off because it is a hardware firewall and ADSL router built in. I would have to allow all incoming and outgoing connections which I am not willing to do (I use the connection for work as well as personal and do not wish to jeapordise anything).



  User-312386 23:14 28 Jun 2004

if you have XP and are fully updated i would allow all incoming and then turn the XP firewall on

then try

  fitshase 06:47 29 Jun 2004

I am running XP Pro on one machine but the machine I use for work is Win98.

I have spoken to my company's I.T department and they have said that switching the firewall off is out of the question. They have said that the ADSL modem/router/firewall is an "old piece of kit which will not adapt to the dynamic nature of video calling with NetMeeting and Messenger." They also said that if I wanted it to work they would have to "open at least a hundred ports and leave them open which is a risk we are not willing to take".

Problem is being solved though - I am going to get a new ADSL router/modem/firewall which is "ppnp"(?).

Cheers for the help



  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:30 29 Jun 2004

Not much help but a firewall will not protect any Messenger communications because you have already given the data permission to enter your computer ;-))


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