MSN Messenger status query

  montyburns 21:13 05 Jul 2005

Is there any way to automatically display status as "offline" when you log on to MSN, so you don't have to log in and then change "Online" to "offline" immediately?

I like to see who's online when I go into MSN so I decide if I'm in the mood for a chat or not. OK, I can set everyone else to "blocked" but it's not then always clear who's online.

I think older versions of MSN allowed this - any tips for same on version 4.7.3001?


  mattyc_92 21:17 05 Jul 2005

Open MSN Messenage and click onto "Always sign in as" and selet "Appear Offline" from the "drop-list"

I think this feature is only available with MSN 7, so you may need to update it if you are running an older version.

  Chappers7 23:01 05 Jul 2005

Ditto mattyc_92.

Very annoying when you have to go offline just because an idiot has signed in, eh? My advice: just block;)

By the way, you can change the status when you're signed out. It's just above 'Click below to sign in as'

  montyburns 00:14 07 Jul 2005

I can't seem to find any version newer than the one I have! Is this right?

If there is a newer version, can anyone point me to a link to download it? Tried various Microsoft sites and there's just so much to wade through that I gave up!!!!!


  johnnyrocker 00:19 07 Jul 2005

have you tried the offered suggestions?


  BH34 08:08 07 Jul 2005
  montyburns 00:17 08 Jul 2005

Thanks for the download link!

Now I have the latest version, yes, I have tried the suggestions and now I can log on as required (as "offline")

Of course now I need to

a) Stop a main window opening with Messenger
b) Get rid of the annoying tabs down the left, the "search" box and ad box (?) at the bottom


Any ideas?!

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