MSN Messenger sign in

  moggers 18:12 04 Mar 2006

Hi im having problems signing in to MSN messenger ive signed in fine until I connected via a router now the application hangs when i try and load it up , Ive been to the event log screen and it just says 'application hang' with some other info too that i cant remember offhand any ideas?

  ATKINSON 18:14 04 Mar 2006

u might have to reset ur hole computer it happed to me once ???///

  moggers 18:18 04 Mar 2006

reset my whole computer? what you mean reinstall everything or just restart? ive tried restarting it also the original MSN messenger that was on the PC loads up ok, its version 7.5 Im having trouble with tho this was fine before I 'routed' my connection

  moggers 21:08 04 Mar 2006


  ATKINSON 08:31 05 Mar 2006

unintall everthing or take it to pc world or something??

  moggers 16:22 05 Mar 2006

thanks atkinson but any other ideas???

  skidzy 16:39 05 Mar 2006

Best bet Moggers,reinstall Msn messenger...and if you have the addon Messengerplus...remove it,its more trouble than its worth.

How to remove addon's:


  moggers 17:05 05 Mar 2006

OK i uninstalled and reinstalled but still no luck it just comes up (not responding) again, I checked and i dont have that add on this is frustrating me now!!!

  skidzy 17:15 05 Mar 2006

Try running Ewido click here then run ccleaner click here also worth running this click here
Run these,reboot and try msn.This should with a little luck rule out any registry errors or malware.

These are all free.

You may like to think about running these on a regular basis.

DEFENDER (runs in the background) was antispy from Microsoft

  moggers 17:35 05 Mar 2006

yeh i run the last 3 at least once every coupla days ill try the others cheers :-)

  moggers 17:51 05 Mar 2006

well thats scrubbed my pc up nicely but still no luck with messenger ill leave this thread open a while in case someone has any other ideas, Ive only not been able to sign in since I put my connection thriough a router dont know if this makes any difference

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