MSN Messenger sign on

  troydi 19:48 18 Apr 2004

I have been getting a message for a couple of weeks every time I sign into msn messenger, that I should download the newest version. Up till today, I kept ignoring it, and msn was working fine (I had v 6.1). Today it finally refused to sign me in unitl I had downloaded the new version. So I did, and now I can't sign in at all. It keeps telling me that there's a problem with the service (not according to msn's website) or that my internet connection isn't working (vicious lies... I'm typing this to you guys aren't I?!) I don't know what's up. It's strange that it worked fine with the old version and not with the new. I tried system restore, but it point blank refuses to sign me in under the old version now, and windows messenger doesn't work either. Help! I'm using windows XP home and connect to the internet using AOL (:-s) DSL in Germany. No problems until today.

  sam2004 19:55 18 Apr 2004

then re install it. if that fails, re-run the download of messenger - you could have a faulty download.

Also, check the compatibality of messenger with your ISP. there may be a security setting on your browser stopping you from using messenger.

Best of luck

  troydi 10:23 21 Apr 2004

All fixed. Just in case someone else has the same problem...

I have zonealarm installed, but because of various things like a router and German settings (my German is good, but not THAT good) I had it switched off. MSN would work until updated, but after that it wouldn't at all. So, I read somewhere that if I uninstalled, then reinstalled with zonealarm switched ON, it would work. I tried it, and it did. Very spooky that it wouldn't work without the firewall. Thought it would have been the other way round! Haven't tested switching zonealarm off yet, mainly because I finally got it all working together... don't want to screw it up again! So in case anyone has the problem, there is one solution!

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