MSN Messenger removal

  beaky 23:35 12 Dec 2005

I want to rid my computer of MSN Messenger - my children monopolise the computer using it. I have unticked the msconfig start-up items and removed it from add/remove programmes. But still it appears. How can I be rid of it for good and also how can I stop my children from re-installing it?

  johnnyrocker 23:38 12 Dec 2005

what os?


  Hamish 10:00 13 Dec 2005

Try click here.

As far as how can I stop my children from re-installing it? - No idea

  Mytob 10:27 13 Dec 2005

you can just delete the directory in program file after making sure that it isnt running. thats all i ever do. and as for letting them re install it dont give them admin acount! true this can be easly bypassed by some one with a bit of knowlage of xp but asuming there still young or not technicaly minded then you should not have to puch problem. if you want to realy keep them out then hell dont use windows. i use suse linux and i can tell you that would keep them under control ad without the super user password you cant install anything and its almost impossible to mess up the system! also suse is totaly free and comes bundled with tousands of free aps aswell. click here . if your only into letter typing and surfing the net emails ect it more than adiquate for you needs with newer verion every 4 months. it is also very much safer when it comes to viri as so few of them actualy run under linux and if you got one it cant do squat without root privalages. check it out. if you want to try it it can be install along side windows to.

  sinbad1 10:27 13 Dec 2005

perhaps rather than remove msn messenger and cause resentment, could you not compromise and lay down some ground rules as to how long and when they use it.

  Mytob 11:02 13 Dec 2005

no remove it its evil any way. it causes enormous security risks when using it dew to the number of prots it uses! if a hacker is scanning you pc when you are using it and detects a port all he needs do it put a small rat on tour system which in turn opens more ports and download all the other stuff to enable the hacker to take full control of your system.

  Midsman2005 12:08 13 Dec 2005

The risk of hacking is very very small in my opinion.

Of the millions of people on msn messenger at any one time I think it is highly unlikely you would ever get hacked...So unless you work for MI5 or have details of bank accounts containing millions of pounds on your PC, I would not worry too much.

Uninstalling it will drive your kids mad....just think of it is a free way of them to communicate with their remove msn and they will simply monopolise the phone line instead....or just want to go out the house more.

Although its hard for us oldies to understand messenger programs like MSN are a big part of most childrens lives these days and an integral part of their social network. I am sure you would rather them talking on MSN than talking to their friends outside the local shops for hours on end.

Personally I think you should just observe their use of it (to make sure you know who they are talking to, but I am sure you know all that) and restrict the amount of time they use it to something like an hour a day or whatever you and they could compromise on.

  sinbad1 12:30 13 Dec 2005

couldn't agree more, i have used msm messengers for years with no problem.Provided you have enough protection and a good firewall sheilds up shows all my ports are closed.
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viruses and spyware can be fixed one way or another.

upsetting the kids and taking away their means of communicating with their peers could cause a bigger problem.


  Arnie 14:04 13 Dec 2005

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  lotvic 00:47 15 Dec 2005

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