MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger

  obi wan 13:23 19 Jun 2003

I use Windows messenger but see a new version of msn is available.
Are they the same thing? Which is the best to use? and do they run parallel or the newest replace the oldest?

  Fateful Shadow 13:30 19 Jun 2003

I have ditched Windows Messenger, and I now use MSN Messenger 6.0 preview.

The main reason was because I feel 6.0 has a better interface with a lot more features.

MSN messenger 6.0 installs over MSN messenger 5.0, but I don't think it touches Windows Messenger (but don't hold me to it!)

I used the add/remove programs tool to remove Windows Messenger, and everything seems fine.

So in my opinion, get MSN messenger.

  Fateful Shadow 13:44 19 Jun 2003

Thanks for the offer Spires, but I'm ok with all the ads, besides, the full version of Messenger 6.0 will be out in the 'third quarter' as they say.

Then the real gaming can begin!

  Mysticnas 13:45 19 Jun 2003

if you have more than one hotmail/msn account then you can sign in to two account at the same time, one using msn messenger6 and the other using windows messenger.

  Mysticnas 13:49 19 Jun 2003

did you post on the wrong thread???

oh and, i've always prefered msn messenger, better interface. Personally i think MS is a bit batty to bring out 2 diff versions of the same thing. should just bung it into in messenger.

oh and if you want to run net messenger, then i believe you have to have windows messenger 4.7 install anyway. (correct me if i'm wrong)

  Fateful Shadow 14:01 19 Jun 2003


The Spires knows what I was on about when I sed about the ad thing.

Something to do with Messenger 6.0

Sorry for any confusion lol!

  obi wan 14:09 19 Jun 2003

Think I will change to MSN messenger, but I dont see windows messenger in ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS.

  hugh-265156 14:14 19 Jun 2003

in xp its part of windows and cant be removed via add remove progs.

tried msn messenger 5.0 and found it no different to windows messenger 4.7 removed it again as i see no reason of having both.

i still use windows messenger 4.7

  obi wan 14:18 19 Jun 2003

Thanks for all advice.

  Andybear 15:46 19 Jun 2003

Windows Messenger isn't removed from the system in 'Add/Remove Programmes'. Only the shortcut to it is removed. The actual programme is left on the system.

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