msn messenger new version, apparenty must have?

  p;3 00:25 31 May 2006

I have MSN messenger version 6.2; I have tried to open it to check mails on the MSN server to be told by the MSN program that there is a new version available and it now refuses to let me sign in until I take the new version on board; several attempts to sign in have failed; do I also need to shut my OE program if I download and update the MSN program ( which, I must say, I am reluctant to do); am I left with no option but to update the MSN now as my present version seems to decline to run; and presumably the oe program with not be affected by the MSN update? I am far from happy about this

  Diversion 02:42 31 May 2006
  p;3 07:24 31 May 2006

unfortunately that does not really resolve or answer my question:((

  rsinbad 07:43 31 May 2006

The suggestion to shut down OE is tempary whilst the new version of msn messenger is installed

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:45 31 May 2006

Why not just download the new version like millions already have? You will not turn into a Dalek or have all your personal info stolen by hackers and in the scale of 'things in life to worry about', this rates bottom of a long will save you a lot of stress as well.


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