MSN Messenger logging

  Rhuddlan 21:03 04 Jan 2005

Hi everyone and a happy new year!!!

A friend of mine has a daughter and a son who always chats to friends and people who they meet on chatrooms via msn messeger 7.0 and she wants to know if there is a free program out there that can log these messages and save them so she can see what her kids have been talking about to these people they have met on chatrooms. I can't say I have heared of one, but surely Microsoft have to think about things like this for the safety of kids and so there parents know who there talking too.

Kind regards, and thanks in advance, Rhuddlan.

  anon1 21:06 04 Jan 2005

yes messenger plus works very well but DO NOT accept the sponsers (read carefully)when installing. click here

  Rhuddlan 21:26 04 Jan 2005

Thanks for the link, avoided the sponsers and have installed the program on my friends's machine. Only thing is no one is online at the mo at her house due to the kids being out of the house. There doesn't seem to be a icon on the desktop or new program in the all programs menu, where do I find MSN Messenger Plus to load it, or does it load when MSN Messenger loads, and has anyone any ideas where the messages will be stored??? Hopefully somewhere where the kids won't find them, otherwise they will be restorting to Yahoo!!!

Thanks for the help so far, be grateful for some more advice, regards, Rhuddlan.

  Charence 22:50 04 Jan 2005

Is only MSN Messenger being used? It can log the conversations without any other software. Just go to TOOLS > OPTIONS > MESSAGES and tick AUTOMATICALLY KEEP A HISTORY OF MY CONVERSATIONS and then choose a folder to save them in.


  ACOLYTE 23:06 04 Jan 2005

To use msn plus open msn then select the "plus" tab at the top this opens a box with various options saving logs is on of these i can remember
where it os off hand in the list,the logs are save in a folder called my chat logs,these can be
read by anyone but there is an option in plus to password protect these logs so no one but the password holder can read them,they will still show in the folder but wont be readable or deletable until the password is put in.One thing about Plus although you didnt install the sponsers it is crafty and installs other things it doesnt tell you about and one of these is sometimes found as a trojan by some virus scanners,so if this happens you may need to delete this file.I cant tell you were it will be or what it will be called as this varies but my AV software(AVG) found this straight after install,some dont find it till later if a program you dont know asks for internet connection say no.

  Rhuddlan 15:32 08 Jan 2005

Hi there, the answer to Charence's question is yes, it is only MSN Messenger being used.
I can't seem to find the plus tab at the top of msn. Do u mean MSN Explorer or MSN Messenger??? More help needed!!! Thanks, Rhuddlan.

  Rhuddlan 09:45 09 Jan 2005

So anyone have any idea where I can find the plus tab and log ALL conversations on MSN Messenger???

  Rhuddlan 10:35 09 Jan 2005

Is Messenger Plus available to add onto MSN Messenger 7.0 BETA???

  ACOLYTE 10:39 09 Jan 2005

The plus tab is on the top of msn messenger if you have msn 7 you need click here

this version.

  ACOLYTE 10:58 09 Jan 2005

click here or this one.

  Rhuddlan 23:40 31 Jan 2005

Reinstalled msn and all chat logs remain in my docs, that will do for now, thanks everyone.

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