msn messenger log in

  Grambo 23:38 18 Dec 2006

just downloaded IE7 and having a problem hiding my details on shared pc. Normal route is to log in...using email address and password, not a prob. But on IE toolbar there is drop down showing msn messenger which, if clicked on displays my email address plus a link which takes me straight to my contacts. I cant see anyway of stopping this as im still asked for this info when i sign in thru msn. Hope this makes sense

  Grambo 10:49 19 Dec 2006

Got round this by hiding 'tools' in IE7 toolbar, but there must be way round it

  birdface 11:17 19 Dec 2006

Maybe change your account details,Next time you sign into messenger,Underneath where you sign in, There is an option, Get a new account,Maybe if you get a new account and delete your old one, That may help,Or Delete MSN Messenger, Run C Cleaner, Then install Windows messenger,You dont loose your contacts,But it may take it off the toolbar,I dont have it on mine,So cant quite figure it out,If you have it in your Favorites delete it,Sorry i cant be a bit more helpfull.

  birdface 11:22 19 Dec 2006

Try,Tools[The new one that looks like a wheel], Toolbars, Customise, And anything that you dont want to show in the toolbar, Move it from the right box into the left box, See if that helps.

  birdface 11:23 19 Dec 2006

Sorry, see you have already tried that,

  Grambo 13:12 19 Dec 2006

this is so wierd

tried what you said ie

deleted messenger, ran c cleaner

but my hotmail addy still appears in IE tools under windows messenger link

  Grambo 20:40 19 Dec 2006

this is starting to irritate me now lol

any ideas why my hotmail addy should still be listed in IE7 toolbar?

many thanks

  birdface 22:43 19 Dec 2006

I dont have it on my toolbar,Unless when you download it , It asks if you want shortcut,on IE7,And it puts it on toolbar,I have the e-mail letter on mine,And like you say, takes you straight into your e-mail, I just noticed that you share your computer,Dont you have a username and Password to stop anyone getting into your account.If you sign on as a Guest or Administrator if you add your username and password, Nobody can get into your account,Will have a look in Windows Messenger, See if I can find anything to help you,But with a bit of luck someone might have the answer to your question,

  birdface 23:18 19 Dec 2006

Dont know if this will help, Open Messenger,tools, Options, Security, You could tick,Always ask for password when checking mail,Underneath that there is another for Not storeing address book, Dont know if you want to tick that or not.Still dont know how you got it on toolbar,Dont suppose you have got it ticked to start when computer starts have you,You can turn that off bye going back into MSN or W Mess,Tools options.General. Untick Automatically run at start up,Also untick,Show windows live to-day.

  Grambo 16:24 20 Dec 2006

appreciate you looking into this for me

looked at settings as you suggested and the only one that needed changing was the last one (show windows live today). Everything else was as your suggestions....and still no luck. Sort of tainted my impression of IE7 as we all want upgrades to be better and not cause more problems. Not the end of the world tho, just very intriquing whats letting this happen. Again big thanks

  birdface 17:42 20 Dec 2006

Running out of Idea's. If you use Outlook Express any time.You can go to tools , Options, Make sure Automatically log on to windows messenger, Is un ticked,Cant really help with this,I Dont have Windows Messenger on my toolbar,So dont know how to get rid of it, The only other thing I can think of is, What version of Windows Messenger are you running,You dont have the Windows Messenger 5.6 Something like that still on your all programs, Or in add remove do you,Or you dont have an exta toolbar downloaded,Anyhow Anybody else out there that may be able to help Grambo,With this problem.

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