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  Acid Burn7uk 14:37 07 Jan 2003
  Acid Burn7uk 14:37 07 Jan 2003

Me and my DAd both run the latest version of MSN messenger on our machines. The problem is that when we run either MS outlook OR outlook express a new instance of messenger will appear in the system tray. You can sign on with one of these instances and there are no probs, and when you sign into the second instance in signs you in and then sais: "You have been signed out of .NEt messenger service because you signed in at another location" Does anybody know how to stop this from happeneing as the only way to stop it showing up twice is to restart. Both computers are running WinXP

  galatic door 15:57 07 Jan 2003

as 4 xp not sure if its any different
go to click here and send them an email.
tell them u r using xp. To me it sounds like a conflict between software

  PSF 16:10 07 Jan 2003

click here

You say that you have MSN Messenger running, when the second messenger opens is it Windows Messenger?
There are two versions at the moment but you can only use one at a time.

There is MSN messenger Ver 5

and Windows messenger ver 4.7.

It looks like you might have downloaded the new version by mistake. I did the same thing :-(
If you uninstall Ver 5 you will be back to normal.

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