MSN Messenger audio echo

  Dudley West 18:13 09 Oct 2004

When holding an audio conversation I get an echo or delay in my speech

  Bagsey 20:01 09 Oct 2004

You dont say if you are on BB or dial up. This can have that effect of delaying the speach. It give the effect that I remember form to old days when we had to end each statement with " Over to you over" to let the fellow on the other end know he could start to speak. I use a web cam frequently to commincate to me son in Oman and when on Dial up it was almost unusable because os slow connection and of course the distance.But BB has cured that. I must say though I notice this delay to some extent on odinary voice phone calls to Australia. Again I think due to the fact that the signal travels thousands of miles out to the satelite and then back so there is a delay. The delay may only be a fraction of a second but it is very noticeable.

  Dudley West 20:20 09 Oct 2004

I'm on BB and was using it to my sister less than a mile away, she says there's no delay with a conversation to her son 6/7 miles away so could it be my set up ?

  Bagsey 22:38 09 Oct 2004

I certainly looks as though it has to do with something at your end. Who is your isp??? Could it possibly be aol???Or an isp whose server is a long way from the UK. I cant think of any other cause of the delay. Do you normally get good connection on your BB service. I had trouble with my BB some time ago and moaned at BT and had the gain turned up on my line, it helped but I wasnt using the webcam at that time so have no comparison. Sorry I am not being much help here.

  Dudley West 08:22 10 Oct 2004

I'm with blueyonder and other than this everything is fine. Thanks for trying

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