MSN Messenger 7.0 Update

  UncleBulgaria 00:08 07 May 2005

Available here click here

  VoG II 08:18 07 May 2005


  anchor 09:40 07 May 2005

Gracias, Merci, Danke!.

  john-232317 10:54 07 May 2005

just gracias ;-)

  jimv7 11:08 07 May 2005

And here you can download a patch to allow messenger to send and recieve various file types that in its wisdom microsoft have left out.

click here

  Joe R 11:11 07 May 2005

Thank you.

  Mat2 12:39 07 May 2005

Many Thanks.

  BeForU 14:45 07 May 2005

Thanks for the update. Now this slightly newer version solves the stupid "unable to sign-in but have to delete some registry settings in order to make it work everytime" problem :P.

  BeForU 21:42 07 May 2005

I take my previous comment back. MSN is still a pain in the arse with signing in problems. Can Microsoft ever get things right?

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