MSN Messenger 7 headache

  cdb 22:33 14 Apr 2005

I installed the official release of this today and prompty lost all contact with msn. It wouldn't sign in, even when I uninstalled it and reinstalled the beta version.
I eventually fixed it with a system restore. Has anyone else had any problems with the official release. Looks like I'm stuck on beta for now.

  big bloke66 22:59 14 Apr 2005

I know this isn't much help but i downloaded it 2
days ago and it works a probs.

  about:blank 00:07 15 Apr 2005

Its impossible for you to loose all your contacts, as all of your cantacts are saved on the server (not your machine). This helps when your out and about, you can log onto msn messenger and all your contacts should be there.

  ACOLYTE 00:57 15 Apr 2005

When i first installed this it worked ok until i signed out and exited the program then it came up it had an error the little box that came up had a debug option on it,i clicked this and its worked ok ever since.

  Noldi 06:29 15 Apr 2005

Try uninstalling all MSN versions on your computer and install Version 7 from scratch¨. There seems to be a clash somewhere in this software between the 2 versions. I think we had a thread about this earlier today have a look for that. good luck

  cdb 14:29 15 Apr 2005

Typical, trying to sort it out and NTL goes down :(

I haven't lost my contacts. I've lost the ability to sign in full stop. :(
Trust MSN to take a perfectly good working beta program and mess up the official release version..

What's the best way to uninstall both programs and where do I get a UK version of MSN explorer 7 to reinstall. (ie one that has english cities on the my stuff bar)

  lake1502 14:43 15 Apr 2005

I havent really found any problems with MSN 7, its a good piece of kit, with working away alot its pretty nice to see my mrs on the webcam!!! Not sure about whats going with yours tho!!

  SGT [email protected] 14:50 15 Apr 2005

i installed it , it changed my default connection , it installed a bridge in my network connections and a few other things elsewhere , deleted the bits in did and it worked ok after that

  cdb 15:24 15 Apr 2005

I've uninstalled it, now it won't reinstall.

Where can you get "auupdate.exe" from?

This just gets better and better :'(

  cdb 16:12 15 Apr 2005

I've managed to reinstall msn explorer (I think as now that won't sign in) and msn 7 still won't sign in.

I'm going round in circles and getting nowhere fast. :(

  cdb 17:22 15 Apr 2005

Right, Norton Firewall is now blocking msn explorer which it never did before.
Is there a port or something that I need to configure to stop Norton blocking it?

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