msn messenger 6 query

  suzie005 19:09 30 Aug 2003

i didn't want to upgrade cos i was stable with 4.6 and had problems in the past with other versions.i had ingnored the security messages i'd been getting all week but got another one today.problem is.i've had problems with it and i've narrowed it down to load qm in start up.i've checked it out ( on start up items site) and i know that i don't need it.BUT when i untick it,the pc freezes.AND it keeps re-appearing in start up- i didn't need it b4 anyway.i only have the neccessary programs for start up and i open messenger from start/programs.any advice?

  VoG II 19:13 30 Aug 2003

Hi Sue

Well for a start they are two different beasts - there is Windows Messenger 4.6 and MSN Messenger 6.

  powerless 19:18 30 Aug 2003

Get 6 and you'll enjoy the new features.

  suzie005 19:23 30 Aug 2003

hi love

never had windows messenger.been using msn messenger for about 2 and a half years now


i only gave in cos of the messages.i HAD set it ALL up this afto but decided to remove and re-install.weird thing about that as well was that all my settings were saved from the first time.dunno why cos i even deleted stuff from the registry b4 i why HAVE i got to use load qm?

  Geoff_T 21:56 30 Aug 2003

I found this in another forum where someone was trying to speed up a very slow PC. It says that Loadqm.exe is a badly behaving part of MSN Messenger. I quote:

This task loads the MSN Queue Manager and is installed when you install MSN Explorer or MSN Messenger. LOADQM gobbles up system resources and appears on most end-users? Task Lists who come to us complaining of low System & User Resources or very slow, "crawling", PCs. In January 2003 this is still one of the worst behaved Microsoft programs !

Recommendation :
Disable immediately, or Delete using Starter. Next, reboot your PC and find LOADQM in the C:\WINDOWS folder. Rename it to LOADQM.EXE.OLD as if you do not it will otherwise get put back in your Task List at some stage or other (on some PCs you may need to boot into Safe Mode before you are able to rename LOADQM).

click here for the article.

  suzie005 22:39 30 Aug 2003

i am indeed having alsorts of weird problems AND i'm using ME anyway.have already denied access with the firewall.daft question i know but delete using Starter??? tried renaming the file but i got the message that windows was using it.shut it down in close program and everything froze.managed to get back on track and renamed it.just need to do the first bit.i've never come across anything so daft in my life.

  suzie005 00:56 31 Aug 2003

well i'm away to bed now but i don't know wot's been going on.ok so i renamed that file.had to restart about 15 mins ago and the pc went into safe mode.restarted and it froze.rebooted and it's ok.dunno wot's in store for the morning or whether the pc will work full stop.

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