MSN Messenger 6 Display Picture

  dp600 08:41 04 Nov 2003

Now and then the pics I have for my display pic on mes 6 dissapear and I need to reload them .Can i stop this.I am using win XP.
Thank You .

  The Lights Are On 08:59 04 Nov 2003

You are probably clearing some temp files out, the new Emoticons & the pictures used in MSM Messenger 6.xx use in Microsoft?s infinite wisdom a .tmp extension & might start with the prefix TRF. If you are running a washer or cleaner of just deleting .tmp files you are deleting your pics. The files usually have Messenger somewhere in the name.

  dp600 09:05 04 Nov 2003

Thank you

  The Lights Are On 09:06 04 Nov 2003

For example one of my custom emoticons is 'TFR404.tmp' which is in User/Application Data/MSN Messenger. I had to reinstall my icons etc heaps of times till the penny dropped. :-)

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