MSN Messenger

  mentalman 08:50 25 Jul 2004

My daughter uses MSN to chat, is there a way of finding out or retieving what has been said or who she has been talking to. thamks

  Valvegrid 08:53 25 Jul 2004

Ask her?

  mentalman 09:00 25 Jul 2004

thanks for that, if you return to the real world sometime, perhaps you should look into 'grooming', this can happen without someone realising appart from askig her do you have any other PC related advice ????

  Valvegrid 09:02 25 Jul 2004

I've had two kids of my own, I just ask them.

  helmetshine 09:25 25 Jul 2004

If you feel you really must do this it can be done with the program itself as long as it's MSN 6...not sure about earlier versions

Sign in with your daughters account....go to options open the messages the bottom is a checkbox you can tick to make MSN Messenger keep a log of all messages....and you can choose where it's to be saved.

Altho,to be honest,i would agree with Valvegrid and ask.You either trust her to be sensible and honest with which case you'll know long before anything untoward can go on...or you don' which case you shouldn't allow her to use MSN at all anyway.

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