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  User-E5E86C2D-D398-4C96-9C3AA959E06B09BE 05:56 22 Nov 2003

Hi all,
I have problem with audio in MSN messenger version 6 and 6.1. I disabled my
Firewall but still can not have conversation with my friends I even add (rtcdllxp) to the directory.
Can anyone help? I am using window XP pro
Thank you

  AubreyS 08:16 22 Nov 2003

Good morning boss.
I think that it a problem with MSN. Myself and many others are experiencing the same problem. I don't know if you saw this posting?
click here

I've tried everything to fix it and failed. I also use Yahoo messenger and there is no problem with audio, thats why I'm convinced its a problem with MSN

  Cretin07 08:30 22 Nov 2003

Hi, me and my friend tried it it didnt work running same OS, and i tried it with another person and it worked fine. Had no idea what was wrong.

  AubreyS 08:39 22 Nov 2003

I found this info click here That is all I can find in connection with the problem. I think that most of us have tried everything that they suggest.

  anchor 09:19 22 Nov 2003

I wish MSN would solve it, as the video quality with MSN is better than with Yahoo. Disabling Zone Alarm pro made no difference.

Like AubreyS, no audio problems with Yahoo messenger. One thing that seemed to work was to use MSN for video, and connect to Yahoo for audio.

Waiting to try EyeBall Chat, when my Canadian friend has time. Another possibility is Tiscali video conference; only 1 person needs to be a Tiscali/Lineone customer.

  AubreyS 10:07 22 Nov 2003

Yes I forgot to add, video works OK with MSN. I don't think the problem is with us. They need to sort it. Do they have such a thing as 'support' and will they bother to answer anyway?

I tried everything I read but the problem still there I use yahoo messenger with no problems so I thing is something to do with msn

hi all,
You should all write to MSN and this is the link
click here
And if anyone get lucky let us know.
Thank you

  AubreyS 12:16 22 Nov 2003

Yes I have done that this morning. I will let everyone know if I get a response. Don't put off what you are going to do today and wait in for a response though.

  anchor 16:15 22 Nov 2003

I also have now just made a report to MSN. If I get a reply, I will post again.

If all of us affected report the problem, perhaps they might do something about it.

I had a response this morning, but all it said was to go through the tuning wizard, which I have done many times before.

When I get home tonight I will send a reply back.

MSN don't appear to be aware that this is affecting many users and not just me. Seems a bit strange considering how many people said they were going to send off emails?

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