Msn Messegner/Hotmail

  rastamanblues 15:56 24 Jun 2006

I use msn messenger, and wen ever i get mail i get the pop up saying u have 1 new message etc, but i hate IE with a passion and as such use primarily Opera, and ocasionally firefox casue my online banking doesnt work with Opera, so my question is this, is there anyway in which i can change it so that wen i click to get my messages it opens Opera or even firefox instead of IE?


  Strawballs 16:13 24 Jun 2006

I recently had a similar problem. The people at windows suggested going to the internet options and change the default.

Go to the tools menu at the top of any internet window.
Choose internet options and click the programs tab.
The second of the list of options states which e-mail program is default. Just choose on the list which you'd prefer the default to be. This worked for me changing IE back to Hotmail. Hope it helps.

  about:blank 16:41 24 Jun 2006

MSN Messenger (Windows Live messenger) will always load IE by defualt, or outlook.
However, there is a way to get by this (without reshacking) A plug-in called 'stuff-plug' will allow you to by pass to you defualt browser

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