msn mess service & msn messenger

  march 13:54 12 Apr 2005

can someone explain to me what the difference is between the msn messenger service that is already in programs under communications and the msn messenger that can be downloaded off the internet?

and if there is a difference can I stop the messenger service from starting by using msconfig & unchecking it in startup but still download & use msn messenger if it is a different program?

my little tykes want to download msn messenger but I just want to check on the above before they do so; thanks for any help on the above


  VoG II 14:01 12 Apr 2005

Do you mean Windows Messenger Service? click here

  Yoda Knight 14:07 12 Apr 2005

Yes there is a difference. The messenger service is (supposedly) for use on corporate networks for sending messenges to users, but on home pcs its a door for spam. You are better off disabling (follow Vogs' link for details)

The MSN Messenger is a program for communicating with your pals. No problem to download and install it

  march 14:25 12 Apr 2005

VoG™ & Yoda Knight
sorry but Im a bit confused,

Im sure its not windows messenger

the msn messenger service was already on the computer under programs,communications,and keeps appearing in the taskbar start up tray, then when its clicked on you are supposed to log in.
Under msconfig it is
the msn messenger they what to download is this one
click here


  VoG II 14:34 12 Apr 2005

OK so you have MSN Messenger. Yuu can stop it loading when Windows Starts in Tools/Options, General.

The latest version is 7.0 click here

  march 14:38 12 Apr 2005

Thanks VoG™ forgive me for asking a daft question but the one already on computer & the 6.2 version are the same thing then?

  VoG II 14:41 12 Apr 2005

I don't know. In MSN Messenger, Help/About MSN Messenger and it will tell you.

Whilst I think of it, you might be asked by your tykes to install Messenger Plus. If you do, be sure to untick all the boxes asking if you want to install various bits and bobs (spyware) with it.

  march 14:52 12 Apr 2005


had a look under help and it says microsoft version 2.2 so it looks as if they are the same program but the 6.2 is a newer version

and now 7.0 is even more up to date but you need internet explorer 6 to install that

so after all it looks like I will have to install the 6.2 version! also thanks for advice on the messenger plus have taken note and will do as you suggest.

tykes and myself sending our thanks for your help & time (hope I didn't sound too daft the things we do for kids hey!)

thankyou VoG™

  march 14:59 12 Apr 2005


Feel even dafter now just had a brainstorm and decided to look in add/remove programs and its there 'msn messenger service 2.2' so I suppose I'd be ok to uninstall that before installing the 6.2 version do you think?

  VoG II 15:01 12 Apr 2005

Yes, I would uninstall that then install a newer version.

There is no reason to feel daft. After all, I confused it with Windows Messenger Service. I see that "MSN Messenger Service" is what the early versions were called click here

  march 15:09 12 Apr 2005

You are very kind VoG™,

will be uninstalling old version and downloading the 6.2 one (will remember about the messenger plus advice)

thanks to you and Yoda Knight for your help

best wishes

march x

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