msn log-in & passport sign in also messenger probs

  HOOKS 19:21 16 Jun 2004

I use windows M E and have had no probs with using my hotmail login (e-mail adress)for years ,untill 5 weeks ago, now its a nightmare, I can't sign in to any of the sights(my msn/msn messenger/hotmail/or use passport anymore)from my computer, but canuse from others ,Can anyone help please? hooks.

  QuickHare 19:27 16 Jun 2004

It could be a cookie problem.

Open Internet Explorer, click on the menu Tools, Internet Options, and select the Security tab.

Select Custom Level and find the stuff to do with cookies from the list, and select Enable or Prompt for them. This should enable cookies, and you should be able to sign in to Passport sites and maybe other sites too.

Out of interest, which Internet Explorer version do you use?

  HOOKS 19:25 18 Jun 2004

I use explore 6

  HOOKS 19:57 18 Jun 2004

Tried what you suggested, no joy!,Thank you for your help, can you think of anything esle? please!

  HOOKS 19:58 18 Jun 2004

Tried what you suggested, no joy!,Thank you for your help, can you think of anything else? please!

  QuickHare 20:02 19 Jun 2004

In IE6, try to go into Internet Options (as above), click Delete Cookies and try again.

Sticking with Cookies, try going into Internet Options, the Privacy tab, Edit (at the bottom somewhere), and make sure no Microsoft sites are listed with "Block" beside. Try again.

If this doesn't work, it could be a firewall problem, or a problem with connecting to Microsoft sites.

If this doesn't help, anyone else got any suggestions?

  HOOKS 21:07 19 Jun 2004

thanks again still no joy? it seems that loads of forums are being swamped by this prob, and even Microsoft don't know the cure?

  QuickHare 19:03 21 Jun 2004

If you can, try reinstalling Internet Explorer (you can click here for a link to Microsoft's download page). Other than that, I'm out of ideas. If other forums have trouble answering this problem, maybe it's something either on Microsoft's end (server down or something) or a bug which may be addressed soon (then again, this is Microsoft we're talking about!).

Sorry I can't be more help.

  HOOKS 23:46 21 Jun 2004

the problem No 0x81000370 if you do find a cure it would b appreciated. ta!

  sexgodmcr 10:09 22 Jun 2004

Friend of mine is having exactly the same problem as this so will be watching eagerly to see the outcome

  QuickHare 16:45 24 Jun 2004

Microsoft provide a good online Assisted Support page which I've used many times. You'll need a Passport to sign in (so much irony, it could sink a tanker), so it's advisable to sign in from a different computer. The page can be found if you click here and is pretty straight forward. After the initial email you send from this page, your Inbox will be contacted by a professional Microsoft support person to help you through the problem and it's solution.

Once you get this email, you need not go back to this page. All you need to do is check your emails every now and then.

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