MSN Hotmail - Can it be Deleted

  imindoors 03:43 19 Feb 2003

Daughter has flown the nest. Has left a load of debris from Hotmail Accounts.

I do not, and have no desire to use Hotmail so would like to get rid of it altogether.

Is there a way to get rid of it completely plz?


Running Win XP Home – 400W PSU – 1.4GH AMD Athlone – ABIT KG7-RAID MB - 512 MB S-DDR Ram – Weston Digital 40GB Master & 20GB Slave HDD’s - 64Mb DDR Radion Graphics – Creative Audigy Platinum Sound Card – Flatron 795ft Plus Monitor.

  temp003 03:51 19 Feb 2003

Do you mean the hotmail accounts have been set up in Outlook Express? If so, in OE, click Tools, Accounts, select the Mail tab. Highlight the relevant account, click the Remove button on the right, confirm the removal. That should remove the folders for that account as well. If not, post back.

  wing-zero 03:57 19 Feb 2003

i have never try this but if you type this in the run box

RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

it will unistall it click here here is a site where it is from i would wait too see what other say first

also you can use click here to disable it

  imindoors 04:00 19 Feb 2003


Just checked OE and they have not been set up in there.

Only have my BT Accounts set up in OE

  temp003 05:58 19 Feb 2003

Sorry, I must have misunderstood you.

If you use OE, I assume you're not using Microsoft Outlook or other email software. What are these Hotmail accounts debris you're referring to and where are they, or how do they now surface?

A hotmail email account is basically a web-based email service, i.e. you go on the internet and check you email on the website itself. Microsoft has enabled a hotmail account to be set up in Outlook Express or Outlook, through which you can send and receive mail without going to the hotmail website. If the account is not set up in these applications (or other email software), what are these debris?

  imindoors 04:18 20 Feb 2003

Just accounts set up directly with MSN

  temp003 05:17 20 Feb 2003

Then there's not much to remove.

Her hotmail accounts are not set up in your email software, so your OE is clean. If there are any emails she has saved to your computer, let me know.

She can continue to access her hotmail accounts elsewhere, on another computer. But that's a matter for her.

What might be left on your computer are cookies, and maybe links to MSN or Hotmail in your Favourites list. (Some of these links are installed by default in Internet Explorer anyway). If she has set up a "My MSN" page, there will be a cookie.

These are perfectly harmless, but you can remove them.

You can safely delete any links in Favourites that you don't want.

As to cookies, if you want to remove all cookies from your computer, go to Internet Options, General tab, click Delete Cookies. This removes all Cookies. But I do not know whether you want to keep some.

To delete cookies selectively, go to the location on your operating system where cookies are stored, and delete the ones you don't want.

Cookies are stored in a folder called temporary internet files (where cookies are mixed with other internet files). If you're deleting from this folder, better go back to Internet Options, General, click Delete Files. Go back to the temporary internet files folder, and you will see only cookies left. Delete those you don't want to keep.

In XP and Win2000, you can see the cookies in a separate folder at C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Cookies.

The MSN or hotmail cookies will have a file name like an email address, e.g. [user or computer name] @ msn. com, or passport. com, or hotmail.msn. com. You can delete those.

If you use Win2000 or XP, check whether a separate user account has been set up for your daughter. If so, go to Control Panel, Users accounts (or users and passwords), to remove/delete the user account if that's what you want to do.

That's all I can think of. If there's any specific remnant of Hotmail or MSN that appears on your computer that's bothering you, post back with the details.

  imindoors 22:33 20 Feb 2003

Thanks a million for your detailed reply. The only debris left on here are her and her friends numerouse accounts.

Have cleared all cookies and am given to understand that if the accounts are not activated within/for 30 days the accounts are rendered inoperative and I suppose just eventually disappear.

Cant see myself, at 66, opening up an account with the address "[email protected] Etc !!!!! Can U

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