msn hack?

  TequilaSunrise 07:34 25 Jul 2008

hi i'm wondering if anyone can help me.

recently i've been playing a online game and several people who also play have had their msn's "hacked" and conversation logs stolen etc. one in particular also had her paypal details stolen.

i believe the hacker was using a program similar to back orifice.

i'm slightly worried about them getting hold of my details as i have a LOT of people on msn. i do know this guy has only been able to hack people who have added him to their msn contacts.

at present i have avg antivirus and spyware, sygate personal firewall, peerguardian ip blocker (although i have to turn it off sometimes as it blocks some websites), spybot s&d, a squared and spyware blaster. i usually save my passwords as i've always been paranoid about keyloggers, although now i'm paranoid that these passwords and usernames are sitting in a file that the hacker could access.

i'mn 99% sure my msn password is secure and as for my security question to reset is my grandfathers hobby......which no one should be able to find out as i certainly havent discussed this with even my closest friends.

basically i'm looking for either reassurance my pc is safe or advice on how i can make it so

thanks in advance guys and sorry about the long post, just wanted to give as much info as possible

  djbenny 09:19 25 Jul 2008

if you areusing firefox to save your passwords also use a master password to protect them, also think about changing your password every 14 days or something but i think your pretty much safe

  TequilaSunrise 11:48 25 Jul 2008

i do use firefox to save my passwords but i dont have a master password on them, can anyone advise on how to do so?

thanks for all the help and reassurance so far, its greatly appreciated

  TequilaSunrise 11:57 25 Jul 2008

nevermind, set master password thanks

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