MSN Customer Verification e-mail

  hugh-265156 01:57 06 Mar 2005

Hi folks. I have a had and used a free hotmail account with an @ msn address for about two years now and I and received this e-mail from 'support@' a few days ago click here

Feeling brave :-) I clicked the link in the e-mail and this opened a page asking for my name address and credit/debit card information that I used to sign up with. The page address was not HTTPS: (as below) so I went no further. Now, when I click on the link today in the e-mail I find the page cannot be displayed.

The link in the e-mail above 'update information' is: 'http:/ /click here' (sorry I don't have a screenshot for this page)

I have sent an e-mail to MSN support asking if they sent this e-mail to me but have yet to get a reply?

Does this seem genuine enough to you? Why should MSN need my credit or debit card information now when I have never gave them this information before? It's a free account and I only signed up with my .net passport as far as I can remember. Name, address and location was all I remember filling in to sign up for a .net passport?

Have I lost the plot somewhere? Sorry if I'm being a bit to cautious.


  hugh-265156 02:04 06 Mar 2005

Sorry the update information address turned into a click here. tried hard not to do this DOH!

  Meshuga 08:28 06 Mar 2005

huggyg71, Do NOT give the details asked for. This is obviously a scam. Repeat, Ignore it.

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