Robotic_Rob 20:39 05 May 2004

When I try to have a audio conversion on msn, it wont connect. This happens everytime with who ever i try it with. Im having trouble finding out what the problem is.

I Have:

Windows Version: Windows XP, 5.01.2600
Messenger Client Version: 6.1.0211
Messenger Plus! Version: 2.54.0075

Cheers for any help given!


  byfordr 21:46 05 May 2004

Never ever been able to get it to work!

Allegedly 6.2 cures it but haven't tried yet!

  Robotic_Rob 22:48 06 May 2004

may u give a hint on where i can find it plz !?

  Daz35 22:54 06 May 2004

Msn messenger 6.2 can be found click here
I recently bought a webcam and have used both pictures and sound successfully (although I was only speaking to someone 5 miles away! Shouldn't make too much difference though. It seems to depend on your connection speed, from what I can gather.

  Robotic_Rob 23:28 06 May 2004

I dont think its the version as my friends have either the same version as me or less. And they can have audio covosations with each other easierly.

  critic-al 23:33 06 May 2004

The best free audio/video conference program is i think eyeball chat , it works .click here

  Daz35 23:33 06 May 2004

Maybe your connection speed is an issue. When speaking to a friend who's on 150k (I'm on 600), sometimes there's a slight delay at my end, I assume because he's got a slower connection, therefore making his upload speed slower as proved when using the webcam, as he gets a perfect picture of me (quality wise anyway!)and his is sometimes a bit blurred and pixelated.
I could be wrong and I'm sure someone will correct me if I am........

  Robotic_Rob 19:13 07 May 2004

Im after it workin on msn, as all my buddies sometimes talk on it. Maybe it is a connection speed thing but i dont understand as some buddies have a dial-up connection like me.

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