MSN 7 / MSN 6.2

  ///A M G 22:51 08 Apr 2005

I downloaded MSN 7 after the official release.

I used to use MSN 6.2.

When I restarted my computer, MSN 7 refused to work e.g. wouldnt sign in, if it did no contacts would be on display etc.

after about 10 installed and uninstalls I have gone back to 6.2

But I have now noticed some annoying things!!

Firstly all the preset images have disappeared!!
E.g. the dig, plastic duck, palm tress etc.

Another is my display picture is an odd size (the one right of where you type your messages)

Can anyone help me out on those issues?


  Charence 23:17 08 Apr 2005

I'm not sure about the display image size, but I know how you can get the duck back.

Go to Tools > Options > Change My Display Picture > Download More Pictures and get the one you would like.


  cdb 19:50 14 Apr 2005

I was using msny beta and it was working fine when I turned on today. It hasn't worked (signed in) however since the final msn7 was downloaded and installed 10minutes after that.
I tried going back to beta and that won't work either now :(

  Noldi 20:24 14 Apr 2005

I had problems with MSN 7. I uninstalled all versions of MSN explorer and messenger then clean installed version 7 seems to working fine.

  cdb 21:14 14 Apr 2005

Where can you get the uk version of msn explorer from as everytime I download it, it sets the home towns to american cities. Or did you just use the windows components part of add/remove programs?

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