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  Batch 09:43 20 Nov 2003

On running MSINFO32 (System Tools > System Information), instead of getting the main System Info screen I got an alert box with the title "Help and Support Usage" and the content:

Sorry, wrong option: (null)

Valid options:

no option> :launch to default page

-Regserver :register the application

-Unregserver :unregister the application

-Collect : exec scheduled data collection

-Url url> :navigate to a particular page

The same applied whether it was run from the shortcut, clicking on the .exe (in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSINFO) or from the "Run" dialogue - i.e. in all cases without any arguments.

Upon further investigation, I found that MSINFO32 could be run with some (but not all) of the valid command line arguments (obtained in the time honoured way of "MSINFO32 /?" and are not as listed above).

The version of MSINFO is (as supplied with WinME).

Firstly - can anyone explain the above alert box phenomena?

Secondly, in order to try to overcome the above I wanted to rename MSINFO32.EXE and replace it with a version from a W98 box. But when I renamed the file, within a second or two it was replaced "automatically" - so that I then had the renamed copy (e.g. XMSINFO32.EXE) and MSINFO32.EXE.

So can anyone explian what is going on here??? AFAIK I don't have a virus (virus scan files kept up to date diligently etc. etc.)

In the end I booted in DOS and replaced with the version from W98 ( and seems OK, although I don't know whether all capabilities supported etc.

I've noticed another copy of MSINFO32.EXE in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SFP\ARCHIVE which seems to get "created" from the one in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSINFO as it used to be but is now (and I certainly didn't put it there)

Also another weird effect I've noticed. If I rename MSINFO32.EXE to, say XMSINFO32.EXE, initially the target of a shortcut pointing to MSINFO32.EXE doesn't change, but if I then click on the shortcut, the target changes to the renamed .exe . I have not observed this effect with other shortcuts - that's not to say that there aren't some other ones that do they same.

  christmascracker 17:16 20 Nov 2003


  Gongoozler 19:22 20 Nov 2003

Hi Batch, this recent thread about a similar problem click here didn't really get to the route of it, but did refer to a work-around.

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