MSIE provided by PC Advisor-except it isn't

  turkeylurkey 19:44 10 Mar 2003


the blue bar thing at the top of my browser (i'm sorry, i don't know the technical name - i can hear groans already!!) reads "Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by PC Advisor"

It's not a problem exactly, it's just that it always said "...provided by BT Internet" until I recently had to reinstall Windows. Just curious as to how this happened.

According to my web stats, PC Advisor is also referring people to my website but I have never published my web address in a forum or sent it to PCA. Has my identity been stolen by a magazine...?

I know you all have bigger fish to fry but the curiosity is killing me!

  Halmer 19:53 10 Mar 2003

If so, that's the cause.

In don't know how to get rid of it apart from installing Tweaker which is relatively small and easy to use.

It allows you to do a few little Tweaks as it suggests.

  Halmer 19:55 10 Mar 2003

click here

There may be easier ways to put it back to how it was, however, so wait and see what else gets posted first.

  turkeylurkey 11:04 11 Mar 2003

thankyou Halmer.

i might well have installed MSIE from a PCA disc, so that's probably it.

anyone know why I'm getting referrals from PCA though? not that i mind!!

  Cantillion 13:18 11 Mar 2003

I beleive webstats work out referals by tracking the last webpage visited - so if you are on Page A, then type the address of Page B, you will get page A as a referrer. This may also work for "back and forward" clicks, but I know it isn't true for bookmarks.

My stats normally throw up some wierd referers, and this is the only explanation I have come up with when I know there isn't a link on the so called refering page...

  JoeC 13:43 11 Mar 2003

no name on the title bar, copy and paste the following into your " Run " box then OK it. It will remove the branding from Internet Explorer.

rundll32 iedkcs32.dll,Clear

  turkeylurkey 14:20 11 Mar 2003


that sounds likely, actually. thankyou for that


thankyou, i shall put that in my box of tricks


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