MSI Starcam

  Quirkafleeg 22:15 24 Dec 2005


This may be a very silly question - and i apologise in advance if it is.

Purchased my first webcam, the very pretty Starcam, and now i've plugged it in it gives a picture equivalent to a drunk looking through a sheet of greaseproof paper. The software didnt help solve the problem, so I wondered if someone actually has one and can confirm that mine needs to go back to the shop.

Thanks and Merry Christmas

  Skyver 22:32 24 Dec 2005

PCA seemed quite impressed with it click here
I assume you are referring to the same model.
Does it have a lens-focusing option, or a rotatable lens-cap which does the same job (Logitech QuickCam, Trust cheapo-cam as past experience).

  Skyver 22:32 24 Dec 2005

Not lens-cap

  Quirkafleeg 11:30 25 Dec 2005

Ive tinkered with the options, and can see nothing that allows me to increase/decrease the focus. Must confess that I can't see a lens cap either.

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