MSI SFF Mega 865 Fan Replacement.

  Epirb406 19:53 16 Mar 2006

Hi all,

it appears that right in the bowels of my lovely entertaiments PC a fans' bearings have given up.

I therefore have a completely empty but small box of tricks in front of me and a 40mm fan that is requiring retirement.

The fan is marked: Colorful CF- 12410s DC 12V Max 0.13A Sleeve bearing.

Replacing a 4 cm fan seems not to be a problem but the major issue seems to be the tiny connector which goes to a motherboard terminal, it is two pin and about 3mm across and I haven't seen its like anywhere else, any ideas before I get the soldering iron out?

Many thanks, Epirb.

  Epirb406 22:39 16 Mar 2006

Another general help question that gets everyone talking!

Looks like the soldering iron to me!


  keef66 11:08 17 Mar 2006

Is it a cooling fan for one of the motherboard chipsets? If so I'd have though the connectors would be pretty standard and the replacement would have the same. Is it a little white plug? If so it should just pull off.

Or are you saying it's soldered on to the motherboard??

I just replaced the rechargeable Li-ion battery in my son's mp3 player with one meant for an I-pod. The (white plastic 3 pin)connector wouldn't quite fit the socket on the mp3, so I chopped the one off the dead battery and soldered it on to the new one.

Philips wanted £100 to 'repair' it. You can buy the thing new for £110 in Argos! My web purchase / soldering job set me back £7.90, and it's a higher capacity battery than the original. Very smug and £90 richer.

  ed-0 11:21 17 Mar 2006

Is this the connection? click here It looks like a 2 pin snap in connector. If the fan is US then why not pop the connector down to maplins, they probably have a replacement.

  keef66 12:26 17 Mar 2006

according to the MSI manual there are two 3-pin connectors on the mobo for cpu fans (their proprietary cooler has 2 fans on it), and one 2-pin connector for a system fan. I assume it's the second one you're referring to. What is the fan attached to?? Does it have the white plastic snap-in connector Epirb406 mentions?

  Epirb406 12:29 18 Mar 2006

Apologies for being away from my post!

Yes it is CPU1 fan hat you identify ed. However I don't rcognise it as anything standard, on the fan is a white plastic two pin female plug with a guide but the significant thing about it seems to be that it is tiny compared to most. It measures 3mm x 2mm.

The fan attached is a 40mm x 10mm 12v 0.13A fan which cools the heatsink on the chip marked intel 865G which I am assuming is the onboard graphics chip.(Not that it matters what it is)

I have plumped for a generic replacement from an ebay shop which I am assuming I will have to change the plug on.

Interseting stuff, if I had found a good quality direct swap I would have gone for it because not only has my entertainments system been in bits for days but this fan was buried way down and I have a box with so very many peices of computer I am a little trepidatious about its reassembly!


  keef66 20:49 18 Mar 2006

is the motherboard chipset, hence the reference to 865 in your thread title. It isn't the onboard graphics. These crappy little chipset cooler fans fail quite frequently, so I'm surprised you can't get a straight replacement. I'll have a quick Google for you. (Looking at reviews of these marvels of miniaturisation, I'm not surprised you've had to disembowel the thing to get at this fan.)

Back in a bit


  keef66 21:23 18 Mar 2006

Not so successful Googling. There are replacement passive coolers for the Northbridge chipset, but they are quite chunky bits of aluminium without a fan, and I suspect they wouldn't fit in your cramped little case. I have searched all my favourite on-line retailers, but replacement Northbridge cooler fans seem to be like yetti poo. Perhaps you could contact MSI and ask where you could get one?


  Epirb406 17:44 19 Mar 2006

Thanks for your efforts and searching. I also drew a blank at the usual sources, thats why I came here!

A post on the MSI forums didn't (rather suprisingly) produce any more joy.

Tomorrow I will have a generic 40 mm fan in my sweaty little hand and will swap over the connecter.

I'll let you know how it goes.

ATB, Epirb.

  ed-0 10:39 20 Mar 2006

Is this the fan and connector? click here from click here. I would not have thought that the connector would be hard to source. It looks similar to a front panel connector but without a locking tab.

Hope it works out for today.

  Epirb406 21:53 20 Mar 2006

All back together now, a new fan with the old connector and a couple of hours spent putting it back together and the fan is revoving peafully.

The PSU now seems to be ticking, maybe the whole thing is about to go bang!

Brgds, Epirb.

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