MSI SATA motherboard setup

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Anyone got an MSI KT8 Neo motherboard?

When you start it up and it doesn't see anything in Ch0 but sees the sata drive in Ch2 when you have got it connected to sata1 and not sata2, is that supposed to happen?

Also, when you put an ide hard disk in ide1 it will boot from it but it doesn't even see the dvd drive in ide2 (yes, both set as masters). And if you take the ide hard drive away, on rebooting it will see the sata but it says no devices present, bios not loaded (or something very similar).

Trips into the unknown are supposed to be a learning thing but it would certainly help if manuals were a bit clearer (or preferably idiot-proof!).

I managed to get into WinXP by using my previous HDD but it would only last for seconds before it would shut itself down.

Hope someone can tell me what's going wrong.

  temp003 04:29 15 Feb 2004

What you're reporting is I suspect what you see on POST (power on self test) or quick POST, which may or may not include CDROMs. It seems the hard disks, when present, are detected. The Ch numbers can be confusing, never mind that for the moment.

Instead, the place to check whether a device is properly detected is in BIOS setup. When computer starts, press Del to enter. Standard CMOS features - you should see what's on the IDE connectors.

Your main BIOS doesn't seem to have a item showing whether SATA drives are installed, but not sure.

They do have an SATA Raid BIOS, it's mainly for RAID configuration, and you're not using that. But it should still show whether SATA drives are connected. To see this, when computer starts, press Tab. At the bottom you should see whether your SATA drive is detected.

In main BIOS, make sure in integrated peripherals, the P-IDE controller and SATA controllers are enabled.

If no changes are made in BIOS setup, just exit. Otherwise save settings and exit.

If you're installing XP on an SATA hdd, when the XP setup screen comes up, get your finger ready on F6 and press it immediately. You will be asked later to install hdd controller drivers. Press S to install, then insert floppy with the VIA8237 disk drivers (should come with motherboard). Select the one for XP and proceed.

Installing XP to P-ATA hdd shouldn't require pressing F6.

It sees the IDE disk in the standard CMOS.

It comes upwith the SATA disk when TAB is pressed.

But it still comes up with no devices found - BIOS not installed (Why? How can that work? I am going to try replacing the IDE2 cable soon in the hope that the DVD will be seen unless you think it's not the cable that's the problem?). I have taken the SATA disk out for just now (should it be on SATA 1 or SER 1?

I am responding to your message on the new machine on IDE HDD but I had to reactivate XP and there have been more crashes than in a stock car race.

  temp003 00:53 17 Feb 2004

SATA hdd should be on SATA 1, that's correct.

If the DVD ROM is not detected under IDE secondary master, then it's likely a physical problem. IDE cable connection, power connector, jumper setting, that sort of thing (or even the DVD ROM has suddenly decided to pack up, but unlikely). There's not much you need to do to get an optical drive detected in BIOS. So I would check the physical things again.

I assume the XP on the IDE hdd is an old installation. In that case, reactivation is expected because you've changed your motheboard and likely exceeded the number of hardware changes.

The crashes are also not surprising because XP is loading the old hardware drivers. All you need to do is to do a repair installation of XP (if you intend to keep it on he IDE hdd) which will redetect all the hardware and install new drivers. It will keep your programs and data, but need Windows updates reapplied.

But obviously you can't do that until you've sorted out the DVD ROM - assuming you don't have another CDROM.

Thanks for your assistance. I managed to get the SATA drive installed eventually... tonight.

The DVD writer was, I think, a problem with the power connector that I was using for it. I attached another and the DVD was seen after that.

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