MSI Motherboard and AMD 2700XP cpu

  Aswad 08:11 24 May 2003

Can anyone help please?
I have just upgraded to msi K746 ultra motherboard with Atlon 2700 XP (333).
The bios only recognised this as a 2400 when first booted and the manual is not clear hoe to set the speed etc - I am not an expert and need advice! The cpu is running at 55 to 57c,which seems very hot.( I am using the approved amd heatsink and fan supplied with the retail boxed cpu)

  Lú-tzé 08:45 24 May 2003

It might be necessary to flash the bios to get the higher speed recognised - you will need to look at the manufacturers site for more details about the bios you have and what processors it will accept.

But wait for other advice first - bios flashing is not recommended unless absolutely necessary.

  Rayuk 10:23 24 May 2003

If you go into the bios under Advanced Chipset Features does it have a line cpu fsb clock.

If so change this setting to 166.

This may not be exactly the same on your board as I am looking at an MS nforce2 manual.

Have a look in your manual under bios settings first see if it is listed there.

  BLH 10:42 24 May 2003

Follow Rayuk's advice, I'm not certain but I think the FSB needs to be set at 333.

  Sion 11:31 24 May 2003

No the FSB needs to be set at 166. The chip will double this up itself. As long as you set the FSB to 166, the chip and mobo will do the rest. Remember that the XP2700 does not actually run at 2700Mhz however. It runs at a real speed of 2.16Ghz.

You may want to upgrade the motherboards bios however as Lu-Tze points out. As for your temperature, i wouldn't be too concerned if it is at 55c mark. If it goes above 60-65, then start to be concerned. The heatsinks AMD bundle with their CPU's rarely do a brilliant job, they just get the job done. If you want to see your temp fall, invest in a coolermaster fan, or akasa. The Coolermaster X-Dream fan is VERY noisy i should point out. click here to see some consumer reviews on this model.

You don't need to be splashing out so much money on such a heavy duty fan unless you need to do some serious overclocking. click here to go to the overclocking They have some decent fans there which will keep your CPU pretty cool. Take a look at this akasa heatsink and fan click here to see some decent models.

  Aswad 08:15 27 May 2003

Thank you, rayuk and sion - processor now running at correct speed. Will tackle fan next.

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