MSI kt6 delta, live update bios flash.

  second best 12:39 27 May 2004

hi, i have just completed asearch using msi's own live update, and i have a bios update. is it a straight forward process. can you give me a step by step instruction please?

  961 13:05 27 May 2004

Is there a particular reason to do this?

I've flashed BIOS via the internet before, but I would say that it can for a variety of reasons be catastrophic. If, for example, there is a power cut or a spike in the power supply, or if there is a glitch caused by some other software deciding to look for an update (virus checker, adobe 6, whatever) your update could be unsuccessful. In such a case you could be left with an inoperative motherboard

If you look on the motherboard manufacturer's site where the update is located you should be able to find details of what the update contains, and if it fixes a problem you have on your computer then the risk may be worthwhile. If not, then don't feel that you must update just for the hell of it, please leave it alone

  rickimalone 13:15 27 May 2004

I have used ASUS live update 3 times this week, due to ATI incombatability issues and each time the Update was fine quick and unproblematic.

Not sure how MSI is but in terms of live update of BIOS it is now now used alot, I have broadband and APC power back-up incase of power cut but the actual process is very quick and reliable these days.

  second best 14:47 27 May 2004

thanks, but it's done now anyway, seems fine, no probs whatsoever. and just to say, i hear people saying, if it's not broke don't fix it, a term which in light of today's technological advances baffles me. if there is an update, why not use it is more to my point. we are surrounded by new advancement each and every day. evolution in a digital age. why stick with what you have , when you can always have better. i'm not saying this is my philosophy on life, but when it comes to things i know very little about, i'll take the best advice i can get. onwards and upwards, learning as we go, chasing ideals of perfection. enough me thinks, :)

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