MSGTAG removal

  colberly 15:08 03 Dec 2006

Quite awhile ago I downloaded and used message tag and find that many cannot read my e mails due to it's invasion. I have tried to delete it but then find I can't send e mails via OE. If I turn it off it's fine but it's just sitting there taking up space and about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Is there anyway I can get rid of it for good and still send e mail please.

  bretsky 15:46 03 Dec 2006

Yes, you have to reset your smtp settings in O/E so you bypass Msgtag. So outgoing server name, you should see "localhost" change that for something like " & server port 7362 should be changed to 25

Or go to click here for a full explanation.

bretsky ;0)

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