MSGSRV32.exe stops responding when phone rings

  Sir Radfordin™ 16:52 10 May 2003

Spent a morning trying to fix this problem:

Win98 machine, modem plugged into a fax (BT Telephone) line with a fax machine on it. When the PC is first turned on, if you ring the phone number MSGSRV32.exe stops responding. This is indicated by a flashing mouse cursor. Ctrl+Alt+Del can be used to clear the problem to allow you to do a controlled shutdown/reboot.

This problem does not occur if the PC makes a call (via its modem) as soon as its turned on.

Have tried everything I can think of apart from replacing the modem or a clean install. Neither viable today, and a clean install will be a VERY last resort:

Following have been tried:

SFC to replace MSGSRV32.exe (and also ran SFC to check)

Modem uninstalled and re-installed with a new driver.

Wake on ring disable in the BIOS, as were a few other related modem settings.

Everything removed from MSCONFIG| Startup

Autoexec.bat and Config.sys changed to .old so Windows re-creates them.

Even if you disable the modem in the current hardware profile the problem still occurs!

Anyone got any ideas? Is a different modem likely to have the same problem?

  Keith 17:02 10 May 2003

I ran with Win Me for 3 years and was plagued by spurious msgsrv32 freezes at boot-up all that time, although nothing to do with a FAX. I would have to re-boot until things worked. I have recently upgraded to Win XP and have no problems. I fear that with Win 98 or Me you may find no solution. Check out the MS Knowledge Base by searching on msgsrv32 - you will find plenty of entries - perhaps a ssolution is there. Sorry to be a pessimist and of no help! Keith

  jazzypop 17:11 10 May 2003

I suspect a corrupted driver entry in the registry ( I realise you tried different drivers, but if the registry is still trying to load the original drivers as well....).

see www for a list of functions that msgsrvr32 performs - remember it is reporting a symptom, not a cause.

Don't shoot the messenger :)

BTW, which modem is it?

  Sir Radfordin™ 19:14 10 May 2003

Thanks for that - will have a look at it next time I'm near this PC (that may be some time thankfully!)

Can't remember which modem it was, it was in PC that came from PC World (Business!) about 2/3 years ago.

  Tango 21:10 18 Dec 2003

I have communicated this to you direct as 'belt and braces', since it is now an old thread, with no new contributions for seven months - I hope this is ok

My computer, running on Me has a similar problem, but not linked to phone dialing. In fact, I have no idea what is causing mine as it is so spasmodic. I can run a session of several hours without it appearing and I can run one of only minutes, before it manifests. I can have several consecutive sessions without an occurrence and I can get it on consecutive sessions too.

It manifests, by my USB Intellimouse Explorer stalling for up to ten seconds at a time, with the hour glass flashing about five times, before the mouse is able to proceed with its work again. I run a Notebook and therefore have a second inbuilt mouse, whose config I believe to be PS/2 and this will often function ok while the other is stalling. However, once in a while, I get a complete freeze of the Intellimouse, which can freeze the PS/2 as well. It is only at this time, that I can see the cause to be msgsrv32.exe as it shows as 'Not Responding' via CTRL/ALT/DEL.

When I End Task it, the other mouse is now freed up and to a degree, I can carry on working, but experience says "only carry on and save and close up all apps and shut down while you still can" as the computer can subsequently freeze totally without the required services of msgsrv32/exe and this situation then demands a forced shutdown before re-boot to re-establish msgsrv32.exe

I have recently been scouring the search sites for info' and found a number of possible causes, none of which showed their symptoms exactly the same as mine, though a couple were similar.

I found your symptom was common to other people's experiences. Many were caused by palm computers and the MS Knowledge base has information on this, but little else.

Solutions, seemed to range from the sort of thing you did - uncheck everything in msconfig/startup (less systray and explorer, of course) to a complete wipe out, reformat and re-load. Like you, for me this will be a last resort which I shall probably never do if the symptom remains as intermittent as it is at present. I have only just recovered, in fact am still recovering, from a fatal failure of my motherboard last May, which meant returning the PC to TIME and subsequently re-building, reloading and re-setting everything over again. At my age, if it happens again, I am likely to bin the PC and start over with a new one and XP which I believe is a much better and more reliable pice of kit. I don't have the spare time left to me to waste on re-iterating everything year in year out !

I have been receiving advice from a good friend and computing expert and his latest advice is to replace msgsrv32.exe via SFC as you did. However, having just seen that you did this to no avail, I am no longer sure that it will help me either.

I have found the procedures for replacing by using SFC while on the web and also how to extract msgsrv32.exe from the .cabs files held on my HD. Both of which procedures I would never in my wildest dreams have thought of doing in the past - I am not that clever at this business to be that pretentious !

However, from what I have now learned from the web searches, it seems that although msgsrv32.exe may be freezing, it is unlikely that the cause is msgsrv32.exe itself. It would appear that it is more likely to be something else with which it is interfacing or working for and that makes it so difficult to track down and why a complete HD wipe, reformat and re-load of everything may be the only way to go......and why I shall not be going there under my present circumstances and who can guarantee that the problem won't come back again if it is some other software which is triggering it ?

I was wondering if you had gleaned any more information and if you solved your problem and if so - how ?

There are only two threads in this forum relating to msgsrv32.exe so I reckon this is not a very common problem.

  Tango 02:26 19 Jan 2005

You are not going to believe this, but my problem turned out to be a fauly Intellimouse ! One or both wires at the bend point where it enters the mouse case, had broken inside and was/were making contact sometimes and not at others, thus sending all sorts of false signals to the PC's messenger MSGSRV32.exe which was seemingly getting so confused because it could not not interpret them, that it simply froze !

I changed the mouse and all my problems went away!

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