mj6987 21:01 27 Nov 2004

I am running on Windows 2000 Professional.

A process is running on my PC called msfirewall.exe. If I double click on the file nothing seems to happen. Is this a genuine Microsoft firewall or some sort of virus? It is in Winnt\System32.


  JoeC 21:24 27 Nov 2004
  mj6987 11:02 28 Nov 2004


Next question how do I get rid of it. It won't let me just delete it - says "access is denied. Source file may be in use". Also the process seems to start up when Windows does - how can I stop it (or preferably remove it altogether)? My AV software is not picking it up as a virus (or my spyware program)

Thanks again.

  BigMoFoT 11:11 28 Nov 2004

Boot into safe mode, keep tapping F8 when your system is booting and choose safe mode from the menu. You should now be able to delete the file. To see where it starting in windows, click onto start, goto run and then type msconfig, click OK and choose the startup tab and everything with a tick in is sstarting with Windows,,

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