MSE Security Updates

  birdface 10:57 11 Jun 2010

I have had 4 updates for MSE within the last 4 days for MSE on Windows Updates.
Why don't they just update the program itself without having to go to Windows Updates all of the time.
Or maybe I have MSE set wrong .
Anyone any ideas and is this normal.

  T I M B O 10:59 11 Jun 2010

Was this an update for virus definitions or the software itself ?

  birdface 11:07 11 Jun 2010

Not sure I can only think that it is for the software itself.
I have MSE set to update and run at a certain time every day so I would imagine the virus definitions would be up to date.

  birdface 11:13 11 Jun 2010

Just checked Latest from top down in the last 3 days.


Is that normal I have only being using it for a fortnight so not sure.

  T I M B O 11:14 11 Jun 2010

I assume there is some place where you can keep a track of what version you have of MSE & from memory the virus definitions updated quietly in the background. I noticed that on Tuesday i had 21 updates then a few hours later another 3 came down, i was wondering if they made a boob!! lol, and they were just patching things.....Just a thought

  birdface 11:22 11 Jun 2010

Not sure.
I just checked to see what updates that I had downloaded and those 4 were top of the list.
I thought maybe it was trying to download the same update all of the time
but they were all different.
Like I said I was not sure if it was a regular occurrence with windows updates or not.
but I thought 4 in three days was maybe a bit unusual.

  T I M B O 11:25 11 Jun 2010

I can understand 4 in 3 days a lot of updates for MSE, but for virus definitions id say that was normal. My Avast updates 4/5 times a day. Its good to see cos u know it's working ;-))

  birdface 21:53 13 Jun 2010

Just checked again and another update from windows updates for MSE.
Since the 29th may since I installed MSE I have had 20 Windows Updates for it.
Is this normal.
Every time I update it does a system restore back up.
Surely any updates should be done through MSE and not Windows.

  gel 07:12 14 Jun 2010

I don't know if this helps but I have MSE and it is set to update and run quick scan every morning at 8 am
It performs this task whilst the computer is on but not being used since I am showering

It has worked like this for the last few months

I only use MSE for virus etc control


  birdface 07:26 14 Jun 2010

Just started using it about 3 weeks ago thought I would give it a go to see if it was any better than AVG.
I can only assume it is not updating itself and that is why I have to download them from Windows Update.
Not sure if it is normal to do that or not or whether I have a problem with it.
Just going to change the time that it runs the scan and see if that makes any difference.

  onthelimit 08:45 14 Jun 2010

Hmm. I've been running MSE for 8 mths or so and haven't had to intervene in anything, it just ticks away doing its own thing! Had a look at the home page and it shows latest update was yesterday at 10am. No idea about any others as there doesn't seem to be a log.

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