iqs 15:51 24 Nov 2008

Hi,Certain web sites state its a virus,others a microsoft service,any ideas please.Cheers

  User-1229748 16:14 24 Nov 2008

if you google most of your .exe files you will find the same.if your pc is running sound then it's most unlikely to be a nasty :o)

  skidzy 16:14 24 Nov 2008

Though msdtc.exe can be disguised as a trojan or worse,it is normally a safe exe.

msdtc.exe is the Microsoft Distributed
Transaction Coordinator and should not be disabled as this service is needed iqs.

if in doubt,download and update Mbam,then boot into safemode and run MBAM click here

  iqs 18:16 24 Nov 2008

Hi smackheadz,the PC is running fine,I was concerned because I have never noticed it before,thanks.

Hi skidzy.I have already ran the program in safe mode,nothing was detected,thanks

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