MSDOS Utility - Help with Useage.

  FCD 18:10 29 May 2004

I recently downloaded the volume ID utility which provides an ability to change partition volume ID. The instructions are to use a command prompt as it is a command line programme with the following line

Usage: volumeid driveletter:> xxxx-xxxx

I have been typing this exactly against the partition I wish to change eg

E:\>volumeid E:> 1234-4321

In every case, as soon as I hit enter I receive the message "Access is denied"

Grateful for any help on where I am going wrong in my use of MSDOS.

Many thanks

If it is a Dos programme itself then it will not run from the command prompt supplied by windows, you will need to start the computer directly into Dos, what OS are you using?

  Night Ryder 20:29 29 May 2004

Agree with Whisperer. You will require exclusive access to a hard drive to prefom this operation.
If you are running this program with windows loaded, this will not be the case. You need to boot to dos, not shut down to dos before this will work. Best thing is to make yourself a floppy boot disk.

  Eric10 22:05 29 May 2004

I've just had a look at the utility and you should do the following to use it:

Open a DOS box in Windows or you can reboot to pure DOS if you wish. Change to the drive and folder where you have saved the VolumeID program.

To change the ID of drive E: Type the following at the DOS prompt: volumeid E: 1234-4321

Note that your example had a > after the drive letter which is part of a DOS prompt and should not be typed into the command.

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